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Kid Friendly Vegan Enchiladas

Kid friendly, vegan enchiladas

I regularly get asked what are some good kid friendly vegan recipes.  Really, it depends on your kid.  This right here, a kid made (even the nice presentation) so I am thinking it is safe to say this is for sure “kid-friendly”.

What was used:

Organic re-fried beans, organic wraps, vegan Mexican cheese shreds,  Whole Foods brand organic enchilada sauce, fresh organic chives from the garden, and Meijers brand organic black bean corn salsa.

It was baked like regular enchiladas and eaten all up 🙂

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Organic Vegan Veggie Pie

Onion pie, Greek style, with a little bit of creativity.

Somehow this ended up with lots of veggies and lasagna noodles inside.  A very tasty dinner. 🙂

And good for kids too, who doesn’t want pie for dinner.

Here is a closer look in the middle:

Inside the pie

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Vegan Homemade homegrown bamies and gigantes, Greek stew

Homemade homegrown vegan bamies and gigantes
Homemade homegrown vegan bamies and gigantes

At the end of the garden season the okra is so bountiful, it is easy to get behind in eating it. Never fear, just pop those babies in a freezer bag and cook whenever you get the hankering for okra again.

This batch I took from the freezer bag, added tomato sauce, tomato juice, dill, garlic, etc. and gigantes (giant lima beans) and cooked for a very long time.  You’ll know when it is ready as the okra will start to fall apart, or be very tender.


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Okra Potato Stew, Greek Bamies Stew

Fresh from the garden okras, tomatoes and potatoes make this heartyorganic vegan Greek stew
Fresh from the garden okra, tomatoes and potatoes make this hearty organic vegan Greek stew

There are a few ways that okra tastes just heavenly, one of those ways is Greek style.

The okra is soaked in vinegar before cooking, this is the secret to making a delicious tasty dish.

Here, potatoes were also added to the traditional okra tomato bamies, for a hearty meal.

(For you Corrine)

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Vegan Minestrone

Vegan minestrone
Vegan minestrone

The snow melted down enough for me to cut some fresh garden herbs and make minestrone.

I think I may have gotten carried away with all the veggies, but can you blame me? Veggies are so good!

My ‘secret’ ingredients in this are rare homegrown hot peppers that I froze whole in a freezer bag. I take the peppers out before serving.

Also, if adding noodles, always cook them seperately and add them in before serving. The soup should also be stored this way, noodle free.



Veggie Stir Fry Dinner

Veggie Stir Fry
Veggie Stir Fry

Made with all organic veggies of red onion, pea pods, rapini (or Chinese Broccoli), straw mushroom, shiitake mushroom. Sauce is Organic Siracha BBQ, Organic Tamari, Organic mustard (spicy brown), homegrown andhome made Organic Chili paste using Korean Hot peppers,  all mixed with a dilution of water.

Served with Jasmine rice cooked in veggie broth, Edamame, and Marinated Organic Tofu jerky made in the dehydrator.


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Chili Stuffed Baked Potato with Cashew Sour Cream

Chili stuffed Baked Potato with Cashew sour cream
Chili stuffed Baked Potato with Cashew sour cream

Easy to do! Bake a potato and cut open. Pour a spoon of homemade chili over the top, and top with cashew sour cream.

Cashew sour cream take a little planning but is super easy to make. Soak some raw cashews for about 4 hours, add  a bit of lemon and apple cider vinegar, salt and water and blend in food processor, until it’s creamy. It tastes even better after it’s chilled a few hours.