Vegan Tom Kha Soup with Sticky Rice

Vegan Tom Kha Soup with Sticky Rice
Vegan Tom Kha Soup with Sticky Rice


One of my favorite Thai dishes is a soup seasoned with lime leaves, galangal root and chili. Make sure you clarify no fish sauce, no chicken broth, no beef broth.  Most Thai places will use those ‘cheap flavor’ soup additives. This is not always a safe dish to get.

And of course, real unsweetened sticky rice is used to dip into the soup. That is the final touch, which makes this dish extra hardy 🙂


Organic Vegan Baked Pasta

Vegan Baked Pasta, (congelare/shells) prepped and ready to go in the oven or fridge to be saved for later cooking.


A perfect dish to share is baked vegan pasta. Pick your favorite organic pasta, make your organic sauce from scratch, and add your favorite cheese substitute.

Personally I like to make my ricotta out of tofu, crumbled and seasoned as my relations traditionally seasoned ricotta. The only difference is what I am seasoning, tofu instead of sickening cow cheese (dairy allergy).

For the topping, I usually do not use fake vegan cheese, but this is what my relatives are used to seeing, so I use it for them.


Homemade Vegan Sushi

Homemade vegan sushi
Homemade vegan sushi

Cut up your favorite veggies while your organic sushi rice is cooking or cooling.

Easy to make and so yummy to eat.  Make your own. Depending on where you live, this might be the best sushi you ever will have. After all, how many other places make it 100% organic  😉