Perfect Salad Making Recipe Rules for Dieters, Vegan Salad Recipe


Vegan Arugula Salad with walnut, tofu, jalepeno
Vegan Arugula Salad with walnut, tofu, jalepeno

If you are eating salad as your ‘main’ meal or dieting , you really need to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and calories.  So when people remark, “Ewe, you eat salad every day for lunch”, if you follow my salad making rules you can secretly smile while your size gets smaller and your body feels less sluggish and more energized.

How to make a nutritious, tasty SALAD for a hungry person

  • Some kind of green
  • Some kind of protein (nut, tofu, beyond meat, etc)
  • Something naturally sweet (dried fruit or fresh)
  • Some type of real vegetable
  • Any leftovers of steamed veggie or carb type food
  • Topped with just lemon juice, no oil or sugary vinegar type dressings-go ahead and search the benefits of lemon, you will be amazed

Occasionally, I will add some special savory treat like fresh garden pickled jalepenos or a dab of vegan chipotle mayo, but these super tasty additions can make you hungrier, so don’t try it too often if you are trying to lose weight.  If you are just ‘normal’ eating, go ahead and indulge.


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Vegan Gyro, Kitchen 17 Chicago



Another fantastic Vegan Gyro is at Kitchen 17 Chicago.  Chicago-ans if you haven’t checked this place out yet, please don’t. Save all the food for us! What a fantastic place. And of all the Chicago vegan gyros, this one wins “best pita”,  as well as most “Authentic spice” usage.

My personal favorite is anything with ‘vegan feta’ at this place. So good!!!

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Vegan Biscuits and Gravy, Gluten Free Soul Food

Vegan Biscuits and Grave
Vegan Biscuits and Gravy


Gluten Free Biscuits and a Savory Mushroom Gravy.  Vegan Soul Food, not just possible, healthy and delicious too.

P.S. Never FRY a biscuit, so gross


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The Only Vegan Corn Is Organic Corn

Vegan Corn = Organic Corn
Vegan Corn = Organic Corn

It’s true, the only vegan corn is organic corn. Accept no substitute. Other corn has a very high likely of being GMO, which is genetically modified corn. GMO corn is not only injected on a cellular level with dangerous herbicide, (which by definition means life-killing-poison), but that type of ‘bio-engineered technology’ utilizes multi species manipulation. And because GMO’s are not labeled in the U.S. you don’t know what’s in it, could be fish, frogs, etc. are you getting the reality of things?

It might be ‘fun’ to play around as ‘mad scientist’, but in reality there is a whole bigger picture that bad science is ignoring, and it is causing many un-calculated consequences. Don’t let your health, body, or vegan diet be one of them.

Ok. enough of the brief education…Here my ORGANIC corn is topped with vegan earth balance organic butter, and fresh crushed pepper. The one in the front has a dab of Follow Your Heart Chipotle Mayo and a shake of Vegan Parmesan by Go Veggie. Just like the little Mexican food cart, but even better cuz it’s vegan 😉

Vegan Pho Soup

Vegan Pho Soup/Stew
Vegan Pho Soup/Stew


Vegan Pho Soup, so good. It has tofu, broccoli greens, nappa cabbage, brown rice noodles (Asian style) onion and a boatload of yummyness.  If you’ve never made Pho,  check out the recipes in 30 Minute Vegan Taste of the East, Mark Reinfield and Jennifer Murray as a good starting point.

P.S. If you hate cilantro just don’t use it 🙂


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