Horseradish Brussel Sprouts, Rosemary Habanero Tofu, Basmati Rice, Shredded Pickled Beet


Organic Vegan Buttery (Earth Balance) Horseradish Brussel Sprouts, Lemon Garlic Pepper Habanero Rosemary Tofu (with a bit extra spices blended in), Lightly Herbed Basmati Rice, and Shredded Pickled Beets (mildly sweet).

It’s what was for dinner 🙂

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Vegan Noodle Health Soup


Kick out the winter sick with some vegan health noodle soup. Load it with your favorite veggies, and if your tummy needs a digestive boost add a spoon of your favorite miso and stir in just before serving.

My version has potato, celery, garlic, carrot, onion and thyme from my garden. I also like to add tumeric and a dash of curry to help cease inflammation. My favorite is adding habanero (frozen) and chile amarillo (dried) from my garden. I take it out before eating, but if you are brave, the hotter the better for kicking out the sick!

Organic Vegan Spinach Pepperoni Lasagna

organic vegan lasagna
organic vegan lasagna

Organic Vegan Lasagna, made with spinach and vegan pepperoni and vegan tofu ricotta (homemade) cheese spread, topped with vegan blue cheese and capers.

This was so GOOD! The key to this is a great homemade sauce (I like to use my garden grown peppers and herbs for flavor, and take them out when done simmering) and perfectly seasoned tofu. Mash it up and season like a traditional ricotta, no egg necessary. The tofu will re-bind perfectly.

Vegan Ravioli with Romanesco Broccoli



Ravioli- artichoke spinach tofu ricotta kalmata olive topped with arrabiatta sauce (spicy tomato  marinara) peas, cannelinni beans, and a side of this amazing Romanesco Broccoli, tastes like cauliflower, looks like fairy castles. Organically delicious!