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Vegan Spinach Quesadillas

Vegan Spinach Quesadillas

These are quick and easy to make.

Get a wrap, put on a griddle, sprinkle some vegan cheese some baby spinach leaves, and a spoon of salsa, put another wrap on top of it. Flip when browned and cheese is melting.

Served here with a side of organic vegan frijoles (refried beans) and a dollop of vegan sour creme seasoned with my favorite spices.


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Vegan Wrap Ideas, Mushrooms and Pepper

Vegan Wrap, Mushroom Mix and Sweet Pepper

It’s not the healthiest of wraps, but it is a nice tasty treat.

This is organic gourmet blend of mushrooms (maitake, shitaki, porcini, crimini, etc.) and an organic sweet pepper I grew (California Wonder Blend)

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Vegan Wrap ideas, Tomato, Bean, Coleslaw

Vegan wrap, tomato, bean and coleslaw

I made this coleslaw, so there are probably going to be a lot of wraps with it this week.

I used organic Follow Your Heart Mayo, and spices, including poppy seeds. Coleslaw w/out poppy seed, just doesn’t taste right to me.

In this wrap I used a giant organic pineapple tomato that I grew, (yay, finally ripe), huge Greek tomato dill Lima beans and the coleslaw.


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Vegan Buffalo Wrap, Pig Minds

Vegan buffalo wrap
Vegan buffalo wrap

Best coleslaw! Yum, glad to see the old recipe is back in action, this was deelicious. The sauce on the buffalo wrap was a bit salter than expected, and personally I could have done w/out the diced raw jalapeno pieces, but it was good in a small amount.  I gave the 2nd half to someone else who appreciates salty spice more than myself.

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