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Vegan heirloom tomato Caprese salad recipe with fresh herbs

Vegan Caprese Salad

The best thing about growing heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs is getting to eat them! Certain varieties are known for making huge thick meaty tomatoes, like this old world pineapple tomato- when sliced it takes up an entire plate. You’ll want to serve this one with a fork and knife, steak style!

How I made this:

1 organic heirloom pineapple tomato, take out the seeds and save them to grow next year, then slice into thick chunks.

Homefrown organic heirloom tomato, pineapple

Some type of nut cheese:  If you cannot make your own there are many in stores. I used Punk Rawk brand purchased from veganessentials webstore.   Please, don’t buy it all up, save some for me! Put a scoop or slice of the cheese on top of each tomato slice.

Punk Rawk vegan cheese, one of several varieties

Next make the  dressing:

I used organic balsamic vinegar, organic oilve oil, black pepper, etc. your favorite spices, shake well and let sit while you cut some herbs.

Next I went to my garden and cut some fresh organic garden chives, organic catmint, organic chocolate mint and organic true Greek oregano.

I rinsed the herbs and gently patted dry, cut up the chives with scissors and sprinkled on each tomato, and used each of the other herbs as a sprig, to be eaten with the tomato or ornamentation, depending on the eater.

Last, pour the dressing into the middle of the tomatoes, and you’ll have a tasty quick lunch for three (or more depending on your tomato size and appetite).

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Tasty Vegan Caprese salad

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Organic Vegan White Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Making organic vegan Easter bunnies

I’ve never attempted this before, but I had this idea to make our own Easter treats this year. They turned out pretty swell, here’s how I did it.

Use a package or organic vegan white chocolate chips, they sorta looked like flat medallions.

Put the whole package in a double boiler, add a dash of organic vanilla extract, stir with a whisk until melted.

Use a heat proof spatula to get the chocolate out and put into bunny molds (the mold needs to sit on a flat tray that will fit in the fridge and freezer).

Put the mold in the fridge until chocolate seems hard. Then put in the freezer for 5 min to make sure the molds pop out perfectly.

Now here is the ‘creative part’: The bunny mold has holes for eyes and a nose, so I gave my young helper some mini chocolate chips and a box of organic sprinkles. I assumed there would be a few sprinkles used for the bunny face parts in the molds. Never assume with kids! Sprinkles were liberally applied to the molds.

Here’s what we got:

Organic Sprinkle Vegan White Chocolate Bunny candies


And they are deelicious, even though they are a bit crunchier than I imagined before this project started


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4 Pepper Arrabiata Sauce w/ Olive and Chard, Vegan Sauce

It’s all in the sauce! 4 pepper arrabiata

I learned long ago that sauce and seasoning can make or break a meal. It is the same with vegan eating. If you are having a hard time eating vegan, or healthy in general, I recommend starting with the sauce.  If you have a great sauce, you will never miss eating lower on the food chain.

Here is a variation of marinara sauce (Italian red tomato sauce), made arrabiata with the addition of peppers.


This includes:

1 Hot Tomato Pepper

1 California Sweet Yellow Pepper

1  Paparik pepper (which I grew hotter than usual this year)

1 Wenk’s Yellow (grown to orange, very hot!)

Start out w/ your favorite marinara sauce recipe (uncooked), then:

Slice up all the peppers except the Wenks Yellow, leaving out the seeds and rinds, rinse in cool water and toss in the sauce at the start of cooking. Leave the Wenks Yellow whole, and make sure to take out before eating the sauce. No one wants to eat that hotness. If you like it extra hot, poke some holes with a fork in it to let out more heat.

Next: add sliced organic olives, and chopped up chard leaves. (optional)

Cook the sauce.

This will add a nice flavor to the sauce, and it is what I had on hand from the organic garden, so that is what went in it.


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Quick Vegan Mac n Cheese

Quick vegan mac n cheese

This was super quick:

Make your favorite small shaped pasta (here I have bowtie), then when the pasta is done put in a bowl and top with some shredded vegan cheese. Stir it up until melty.

If your’e vegan cheese is not melting then, put it back in the pot you cooked the pasta in to warm it up a bit more. Fast n easy!

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Vegan Loaded Nachos

Loaded Vegan Nachos

Loaded vegan Nachos!!

I cooked the nachos w/ cheese and soyrizzo,( In the oven at 375 for 15 minutes)  then topped it all with guacamole, olives, tomatoes, sweet peppers, vegan sour cream and salsa.

Vegan guacamole is easy to make. Get an avocado, moosh it up with a fork and stir in seasonings (like lime, cumin, chives, etc. what ever you like).

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Vegan Chili tacos

Chili Tacos

Make some chili, rice, etc. what ever you want, then put it in the taco. Make sure you are using organic corn tacos, soft or hard, as if they are not organic, they are probably not vegan (see previous posts on corn

Homemade vegan chili

My chili secret is to use chilies I grew myself, and to shred all of the veggies. Whatever veggies you put in (except celery or corn), they are better shredded, even the onions. Also, this is a great way to get kids to eat the chili and their veggies too!

Vegan chili tacos

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