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Quick Vegan Lunch, Greek Style


Hummus, pita bread, kale salad, dill tomato gigantes (huge lima beans), dolmas, and tree of life cashew cheese.


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Vegan Homemade homegrown bamies and gigantes, Greek stew

Homemade homegrown vegan bamies and gigantes
Homemade homegrown vegan bamies and gigantes

At the end of the garden season the okra is so bountiful, it is easy to get behind in eating it. Never fear, just pop those babies in a freezer bag and cook whenever you get the hankering for okra again.

This batch I took from the freezer bag, added tomato sauce, tomato juice, dill, garlic, etc. and gigantes (giant lima beans) and cooked for a very long time.  You’ll know when it is ready as the okra will start to fall apart, or be very tender.


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Okra Potato Stew, Greek Bamies Stew

Fresh from the garden okras, tomatoes and potatoes make this heartyorganic vegan Greek stew
Fresh from the garden okra, tomatoes and potatoes make this hearty organic vegan Greek stew

There are a few ways that okra tastes just heavenly, one of those ways is Greek style.

The okra is soaked in vinegar before cooking, this is the secret to making a delicious tasty dish.

Here, potatoes were also added to the traditional okra tomato bamies, for a hearty meal.

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Vegan Greek Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Vegan Buffalo Chicken Greek on a wrap instead of a bun from Kitchen 17 Chicago.  Words can not describe the awesome of this thing. A veggie burger, marinated buffalo hot sauce (just right) soy ‘chicken’, cukes and tomato..but the best part of all…this vegan feta that is out of this world. Mmmmmmmm!


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