Vegan Hot n Sour Soup, Vegan Gumbo

Vegan Hot n sour/gumbo Soup
Vegan Hot n sour/gumbo Soup

It’s pretty much okra season around here, and along with the surplus of tomatoes and peppers we have to come up with interesting ways to enjoy the bounty while it is here.

And so is the new creation of adding okra to Hot n Sour soup.  It’s a bit of a gumbo and a bit of traditional hot n sour, that has of course been veganized.

The results- deelicious and good. Seconds please!


Okra Potato Stew, Greek Bamies Stew

Fresh from the garden okras, tomatoes and potatoes make this heartyorganic vegan Greek stew
Fresh from the garden okra, tomatoes and potatoes make this hearty organic vegan Greek stew

There are a few ways that okra tastes just heavenly, one of those ways is Greek style.

The okra is soaked in vinegar before cooking, this is the secret to making a delicious tasty dish.

Here, potatoes were also added to the traditional okra tomato bamies, for a hearty meal.

(For you Corrine)

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Organic Salad from the garden

Home grown goodies:

All from the yard, organic veggies
All from the yard, organic veggies

Buttercrunch, Spinach,-the green stuff

Random self planted cherry tomatoes, probably fruity cherry variety, pattypan squash, rocotillo peppers, peach tomatoes (look yellow here), radish topped with your favorite dressing

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