Vegan heirloom tomato Caprese salad recipe with fresh herbs

Vegan Caprese Salad

The best thing about growing heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs is getting to eat them! Certain varieties are known for making huge thick meaty tomatoes, like this old world pineapple tomato- when sliced it takes up an entire plate. You’ll want to serve this one with a fork and knife, steak style!

How I made this:

1 organic heirloom pineapple tomato, take out the seeds and save them to grow next year, then slice into thick chunks.

Homefrown organic heirloom tomato, pineapple

Some type of nut cheese:  If you cannot make your own there are many in stores. I used Punk Rawk brand purchased from veganessentials webstore.   Please, don’t buy it all up, save some for me! Put a scoop or slice of the cheese on top of each tomato slice.

Punk Rawk vegan cheese, one of several varieties

Next make the  dressing:

I used organic balsamic vinegar, organic oilve oil, black pepper, etc. your favorite spices, shake well and let sit while you cut some herbs.

Next I went to my garden and cut some fresh organic garden chives, organic catmint, organic chocolate mint and organic true Greek oregano.

I rinsed the herbs and gently patted dry, cut up the chives with scissors and sprinkled on each tomato, and used each of the other herbs as a sprig, to be eaten with the tomato or ornamentation, depending on the eater.

Last, pour the dressing into the middle of the tomatoes, and you’ll have a tasty quick lunch for three (or more depending on your tomato size and appetite).

Thanks for checking out my recipe, I hope you love it!  Support a vegan artist.  Visit my hand made jewelry webstore:

Tasty Vegan Caprese salad

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