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Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce

Here is a very generous slice of vegan blueberry cheesecake with blueberry sauce from True BBQ & Whiskey Bar


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Organic Vegan White Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Making organic vegan Easter bunnies

I’ve never attempted this before, but I had this idea to make our own Easter treats this year. They turned out pretty swell, here’s how I did it.

Use a package or organic vegan white chocolate chips, they sorta looked like flat medallions.

Put the whole package in a double boiler, add a dash of organic vanilla extract, stir with a whisk until melted.

Use a heat proof spatula to get the chocolate out and put into bunny molds (the mold needs to sit on a flat tray that will fit in the fridge and freezer).

Put the mold in the fridge until chocolate seems hard. Then put in the freezer for 5 min to make sure the molds pop out perfectly.

Now here is the ‘creative part’: The bunny mold has holes for eyes and a nose, so I gave my young helper some mini chocolate chips and a box of organic sprinkles. I assumed there would be a few sprinkles used for the bunny face parts in the molds. Never assume with kids! Sprinkles were liberally applied to the molds.

Here’s what we got:

Organic Sprinkle Vegan White Chocolate Bunny candies


And they are deelicious, even though they are a bit crunchier than I imagined before this project started


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Organic Vegan Gingerbread House

Organic Vegan Gingerbread house
Organic Vegan Gingerbread house

I totally had to document this monstrousity! Which answers a question I’ve always wanted to know-YES, it is possible to make an entirely organic vegan (and edible) gingerbread house.


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Organic Vegan Cherry Pie, Hopples

Organic Vegan Cherry pie, topped with orrganic vegan vanilla ice cream
Organic Vegan Cherry pie, topped with organic vegan vanilla ice cream

Choosing to eat vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite treats for a life of salad and kale smoothies. (Ewe, just ewe visualizing that thought). Neither does it mean a life of inconvenience.

Here is how I made this:

Heat according to directions
Heat according to directions

Topped with:

Very glad to see Turtle Island still makes a coconut oil free flavor...
Very glad to see Turtle Island still makes a coconut oil free flavor…

It’s as easy as turning on the oven 🙂


Vegan Peach Jello/Gelatain Style Dessert

Made this into an insect type of creation
Made this into an insect type of creation

Here is an easy kid friendly vegan dessert.

What I used:


and for the feet:

and the vegan marshmallows for the feet
and the vegan marshmallows for the feet

Plus 2 organic dried blueberry eyes, or you can use some vegan chocolate chips or fresh fruit.

Get creative! The vegan jello held up really well in a standard mold.

Nana Creme, Vegan ice-cream without gross coconut oil or gluten


The newest vegan icecream
The newest vegan icecream

Ok, I admit I was hesitant to try something made out of bananas, which is not usually my first choice in fruits. I was imagining chunky weird textured blobs and gross seeds…but I tried it anyways. Hey it’s ice-cream right? And like I said in the title of this, no gross coconut!

The verdict-

Oh, my. Where has this been my whole life? Best new fave ice-cream treat, right here. Smooth, creamy-ish, with big ole chunks of fudgey brownie bites, oh and yah, gluten free too for all who are watching the gluten.

But please, don’t all rush off to the store and buy it up. Save me some too 😉

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