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Kid Friendly Vegan Enchiladas

Kid friendly, vegan enchiladas

I regularly get asked what are some good kid friendly vegan recipes.  Really, it depends on your kid.  This right here, a kid made (even the nice presentation) so I am thinking it is safe to say this is for sure “kid-friendly”.

What was used:

Organic re-fried beans, organic wraps, vegan Mexican cheese shreds,  Whole Foods brand organic enchilada sauce, fresh organic chives from the garden, and Meijers brand organic black bean corn salsa.

It was baked like regular enchiladas and eaten all up 🙂

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Quick Vegan Lunch, Greek Style


Hummus, pita bread, kale salad, dill tomato gigantes (huge lima beans), dolmas, and tree of life cashew cheese.


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Organic Vegan Gingerbread House

Organic Vegan Gingerbread house
Organic Vegan Gingerbread house

I totally had to document this monstrousity! Which answers a question I’ve always wanted to know-YES, it is possible to make an entirely organic vegan (and edible) gingerbread house.


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Vegan Buffalo Wrap, Pig Minds

Vegan buffalo wrap
Vegan buffalo wrap

Best coleslaw! Yum, glad to see the old recipe is back in action, this was deelicious. The sauce on the buffalo wrap was a bit salter than expected, and personally I could have done w/out the diced raw jalapeno pieces, but it was good in a small amount.  I gave the 2nd half to someone else who appreciates salty spice more than myself.

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