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Vegan Loaded Nachos

Loaded Vegan Nachos

Loaded vegan Nachos!!

I cooked the nachos w/ cheese and soyrizzo,( In the oven at 375 for 15 minutes)  then topped it all with guacamole, olives, tomatoes, sweet peppers, vegan sour cream and salsa.

Vegan guacamole is easy to make. Get an avocado, moosh it up with a fork and stir in seasonings (like lime, cumin, chives, etc. what ever you like).

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Vegan Pretzel Sticks, Pig Minds Rockford

Vegan Pretzel sticks
Vegan Pretzel sticks

Way too oily and way too salty, but once again, great sauce!


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Miyoko’s Creamery, Vegan Organic Cheese

Vegan Cheese
Vegan Cheese

It has truly been years since I’ve tasted a vegan cheese that is best described as “art on the tongue”.

There are so many complexities in the taste of this aged English smoked farmhouse vegan cheese by Miyoko’s Creamery, that you’ll have to try for yourself.

My first impression was, very salty, but the base of chickpea miso explains that.  Next, a very strong smokiness. Then the tongue started to come alive.

As a cheese it meets many of my requirements (like no coconut oil), except for one in which it uses nutritional yeast which I am not particularly a fan of.

If you have been looking for a good fancy spread, delight in this.

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Vegan Peach Jello/Gelatain Style Dessert

Made this into an insect type of creation
Made this into an insect type of creation

Here is an easy kid friendly vegan dessert.

What I used:


and for the feet:

and the vegan marshmallows for the feet
and the vegan marshmallows for the feet

Plus 2 organic dried blueberry eyes, or you can use some vegan chocolate chips or fresh fruit.

Get creative! The vegan jello held up really well in a standard mold.