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Vegan Wrap ideas, Tomato, Bean, Coleslaw

Vegan wrap, tomato, bean and coleslaw

I made this coleslaw, so there are probably going to be a lot of wraps with it this week.

I used organic Follow Your Heart Mayo, and spices, including poppy seeds. Coleslaw w/out poppy seed, just doesn’t taste right to me.

In this wrap I used a giant organic pineapple tomato that I grew, (yay, finally ripe), huge Greek tomato dill Lima beans and the coleslaw.


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Quick n Easy Vegan Salad

This salad was quick and easy to make.

Organic Bib lettuce w radicchio blend

Gigante Lima beans (Greek Style with tomato/dill sauce)

Heart of Palm

Artichoke Heart Salad

The dressing: Vegan Blue Cheese, mixed with Organic Balsamic and Organic hemp and Olive oil.

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BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

Jackfruit sandwich
Jackfruit sandwich

Here is a BBQ Jack-fruit sandwich with dill pickles, spinach and vegan blue cheese on french bread.

Lately one of my fave things to eat is jackfruit. Some claim it is a great vegan substitute for pulled pork, but (thankfully) never having eaten that particular pile of carnage before, I can neither affirm nor refute this claim.  I eat it because it is a tasty minimally processed food, with a healthy reputation .

In my mind it has a similar texture (not taste) to bamboo, pineapple and mushrooms.

I have noticed that including the brands I use is helpful to new vegans so they know what to look for in the store:

Upton's bbq jack fruit and vegan blue cheese dressings
Upton’s bbq jack fruit and vegan blue cheese dressing

When cooking my jackfruit, I added organic dried garlic granules and organic curry powder.

If you’d like to add cheese, here is my current fave:

heidi ho chia cheese, smoky flavor
heidi ho chia cheese, smoky flavor


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