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Horseradish Brussel Sprouts, Rosemary Habanero Tofu, Basmati Rice, Shredded Pickled Beet


Organic Vegan Buttery (Earth Balance) Horseradish Brussel Sprouts, Lemon Garlic Pepper Habanero Rosemary Tofu (with a bit extra spices blended in), Lightly Herbed Basmati Rice, and Shredded Pickled Beets (mildly sweet).

It’s what was for dinner ūüôā

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Vegan Ravioli with Romanesco Broccoli



Ravioli- artichoke spinach tofu ricotta kalmata olive topped with arrabiatta sauce (spicy tomato  marinara) peas, cannelinni beans, and a side of this amazing Romanesco Broccoli, tastes like cauliflower, looks like fairy castles. Organically delicious!


Quick Vegan Sandwich, PB and J


Quickest type of vegan sandwich, choose your favorite nutbutter or spread, put on bread and eat. ¬†Here is unsalted unsweetened organic peanut butter, with bilberry (juice sweetened) fruit spread on toasted organic sourdough, a yeast free bread. ¬†Not a frequent meal choice, but when you’re out of salad it’ll do.

Home-style Vegan Taco Salad

Home-style Vegan Taco Salad
Home-style Vegan Taco Salad


Organic iceberg lettuce topped with organic black refried beans (seasoned, but fat free), vegan mexican blend cheese, the sour-creme dip from last night bu with added organic chipotle spice, organic salsa, and organic olives with organic corn tortilla strips.  Instant meal.