Nana Creme, Vegan ice-cream without gross coconut oil or gluten


The newest vegan icecream
The newest vegan icecream

Ok, I admit I was hesitant to try something made out of bananas, which is not usually my first choice in fruits. I was imagining chunky weird textured blobs and gross seeds…but I tried it anyways. Hey it’s ice-cream right? And like I said in the title of this, no gross coconut!

The verdict-

Oh, my. Where has this been my whole life? Best new fave ice-cream treat, right here. Smooth, creamy-ish, with big ole chunks of fudgey brownie bites, oh and yah, gluten free too for all who are watching the gluten.

But please, don’t all rush off to the store and buy it up. Save me some too đŸ˜‰

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