Lazy Vegan, Quick Stir Fry

Lazy Vegan stirfry
Lazy Vegan Stir Fry

This was super quick and easy, (well, except for the homegrown bok choy, but really that was the easiest cabbage to grow),

One Package of Organic StirFry Mix, I think I found this in the bagged salad section at Whole Foods Market.

One Can of Organic Green Beans, well, I usually don’t have canned green beans on hand but got into the  Vegan Thanksgiving ingredients a bit early

Some pre-cut up organic homegrown Bok Choy

Some organic frozen Peas, I love peas, I would eat them with everything.  Yum!

A Cut Up Organic Red Onion

Spice it up-Use your Favorites, I used dried organic homegrown Italian flat leaf parsley, and some others

Make a sauce- Just mix your fave condiments together.

Cook and eat.

Serve over rice or in a wrap.

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