The Only Vegan Corn Is Organic Corn

Vegan Corn = Organic Corn
Vegan Corn = Organic Corn

It’s true, the only vegan corn is organic corn. Accept no substitute. Other corn has a very high likely of being GMO, which is genetically modified corn. GMO corn is not only injected on a cellular level with dangerous herbicide, (which by definition means life-killing-poison), but that type of ‘bio-engineered technology’ utilizes multi species manipulation. And because GMO’s are not labeled in the U.S. you don’t know what’s in it, could be fish, frogs, etc. are you getting the reality of things?

It might be ‘fun’ to play around as ‘mad scientist’, but in reality there is a whole bigger picture that bad science is ignoring, and it is causing many un-calculated consequences. Don’t let your health, body, or vegan diet be one of them.

Ok. enough of the brief education…Here my ORGANIC corn is topped with vegan earth balance organic butter, and fresh crushed pepper. The one in the front has a dab of Follow Your Heart Chipotle Mayo and a shake of Vegan Parmesan by Go Veggie. Just like the little Mexican food cart, but even better cuz it’s vegan 😉


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