Healthy Vegan Peanut Butter Cups Experiment


So, I decided to make my own vegan peanut butter cups.  Being a health conscious vegan, it greatly appealed to me to make a treat without extra oil, additives, and sugars.

I basically melted some vegan/non GMO (Enjoy Life brand) chocolate chips in a double boiler with a splash of my chosen extract (like vanilla, mint or almond).  With a small ladle spooned the melted chocolate into muffin/cupcake papers (actually used a muffin tin to hold the papers.  Let the chocolate cool. Then spooned some room temp sugar free/salt fee/stabilizer free organic peanut butter and covered with another small spoon of chocolate.  Not to pretty to look at, but I was happy to eat them without the added confectioners sugar and extra fattening ‘other’ stuff, often put into peanut butter cups.

Tastes SO good, and good for you too 🙂  Also was half the price of ‘store’ bought ones, and I had enough extra melted chocolate to make nut clusters (see next post).

Have fun with your delicious vegan treat making 🙂 Victoria

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