Organic Vegan Gluten Free Oil Free Chocolate Chip Bars, Blondies


One of my specialties, which  has even been asked to be in a published ‘cookbook’ a few times. I call them chocolate chip cookie cake, but the texture is more like a good moist brownie (blondie).

These are my ‘secrets’ for gluten free, oil free organic, almost sugar free, baking.  No weird ingredients necessary. Instead of sugar or artificial sweetners, Lundberg Organic Brown Rice syrup is a perfect addition to baking.  i usually add a bit of date sugar for taste.  For a perfect gluten free brownie type flour, just use organic soy flour mixed with brown rice flour. The more soy you add the moister and chewier it will get  A perfect chewy texture. Also instead of oil use Organic unsweetened applesauce. You may need extra cooking time.

Have fun with your delicious vegan baking 🙂 Victoria

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