Chipotle New Sofritas Burrito

Tried the new “Sofritas”burrito from Chipotle.  Sofritas is organic tofu and spicy pepper seasoning.   A bit oily.  I came home and put my vegan sour creme and own hot sauce on it.  For some reason their ‘hot sauce’ condiments don’t agree with me.  Any raw onion or pepper that is not organic does not agree with me.  Probably due to the pesticides.

I ordered this again a few weeks later when traveling, but there was a piece of steak in the dish, gross. One of the hazards of those “food line” type establishments, stuff gets dropped where it doesn’t go.  Had to throw that dish out and go hungry.  Chipotle is not a good place for vegans or those with dairy allergy, if they can not keep their food assembly line clean.


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